PrestaShop Support Service

As a team specialized in the PrestaShop platform, we offer a range of services starting from the installation of your eCommerce site, customized configuration, integration of various modules, implementation of aesthetic and functional themes, regular maintenance and security measures, with comprehensive consulting support.

We also help you to seamlessly migrate the existing content of your site from another platform to PrestaShop. With these services, we meet all your needs on PrestaShop with a professional approach, allowing you to run your business efficiently.

PrestaShop Support Service

PrestaShop Installation and Support Service!

With PrestaShop Support Service, we make your work easier by supporting our team of experts in the maintenance, update, backup, optimization and security of your website.

e-Commerce Design

Let us design your e-Commerce site with PrestaShop and ease your work.

PrestaShop Optimization

By reducing the weight of your website, we significantly increase your page load speed.

PrestaShop SEO

We rank PrestaShop based eCommerce at the top of search results.

PrestaShop Transition

We completely migrate your e-Commerce site to PrestaShop infrastructure.

PrestaShop Maintenance

With our disaster strategies, we ensure that you are prepared for disasters.

PrestaShop Security

We make sure you are safe against all kinds of attacks and infiltrations.

PrestaShop Support Service

What is PrestaShop?

PrestaShop is an open source eCommerce platform. It allows people to create and manage online stores. PrestaShop offers many features where users can showcase products, accept payment transactions and interact with customers.

PrestaShop features include product management, order and inventory management, payment integrations, shipping and logistics management, customer relationship management (CRM), reporting and analytics tools. It also offers extensibility for users with a variety of themes and modules, so users can customize their store the way they want.

Why Use PrestaShop?

Since PrestaShop is a platform designed specifically for e-commerce businesses, it is preferable in certain use cases. Here are some of the reasons to use PrestaShop:
-PrestaShop is a platform designed directly for e-commerce.
-PrestaShop offers a wide selection of themes and plugins, which allows users to customize their store the way they want.
-PrestaShop has a powerful feature set, supporting many functions such as product variations, payment and shipping options, customer relationship management (CRM), promotions and discounts.
-PrestaShop offers multi-language and multi-currency support, making it easy to sell to both local and international customers.
– and much more.

PrestaShop Support Service

You Focus on Your Sales, We Focus on Your e-Commerce Site!

You Focus on Your Sales, We Focus on Your e-Commerce Site!

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